Shahe Harutyunyan

Shahe Harutyunyan
Born in Aleppo in 1965, the famous potter moved to Armenia to study at the State
Academy of Arts.
After graduating from the academy, I began creating in Beirut and partici-
pated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions there.
“In 2013, I moved to Armenia and co-founded Brutshen Pottery Studio.
Continuing our beloved work in our homeland was one of the most signifi-
cant decisions for us.
“In 2016, the Ministry of Culture awarded us the title of People’s Master,
and we represented Armenia at the Pottery Symposium in Lithuania.”
Harutyunyan’s works are exhibited and collected worldwide.
He aims to create emotional weight in his works by
developing physical tension within them. He incorpo-
rates traditional pottery rules with modern elements
and technique, creating unique pottery with the combi-
nation of clays, glazes, and raw minerals. This
process, he says, is meant to “leave a vivid, energetic
footprint on the work and consequently (hopefully) in
the imagination.”