Movses Poghosyan

A prominent artist born in 1974 in Yerevan, Armenia.
Movses Poghosyan’s career is regarded as a crucial link between modern and contemporary Armenian art.

Graduated from the State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Fine Art, Movses Poghosyan served as:

1998-1999 Director of School of Arts and Culture of Vanadzor Educational Complex.

1999-2015 Lecturer of painting, graphics, plastic anatomy in Vanadzor State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Fine Arts.
1999-2000 Producing Painter of Vanadzor State Dramatic Theatre
2009 Docent of Pedagogical Sciences.

Poghosyan’s figurative series has explored the physical and psychological effects of alienation, solitude, and longing that punctuate the human experience at various stages in life.
Partly autobiographical, this seminal body of work uses the formal properties of painting to recreate the
subconscious sense of enclosure that surfaces during different phases of life, whether in the event of
loneliness, union, inner harmony or conflict.
Movses Poghosyan’s paintings are held in many public and private collections including the Museum of H.
Tumanyan, Yerevan, Armenia, Museum of Folk Art, Yerevan, Armenia, Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan,

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions:

2019 Gala Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2018 ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow, Russia
2014 «Armenian Art Fair» MERIDIAN Expo Center, Yerevan.
2014 Gallery Serruys,  Rotterdam, Netherlands
2014 Mariënhaven, Warmond, Netherlands
2013 TriviumMeulenbeltZorg, Almelo, Netherlands
2012 “Berkhout” Lisse, Netherlands
2010 Trivium Meulenbelt Zorg, Almelo, Netherlands
2008 Gallery HOF88, Almelo, Netherlands
2007 Museum of Fine Arts, Batumi, Georgia
2006 Gallery “Academy”, Yerevan
2006 Museum of Folk Arts, Yerevan
2006 TriviumMeulenbeltZorg, Almelo, Netherlands
2005 Art Caucasus 2005 International Visual Art Convention /Expo/, Tbilisi, Georgia
2005 Museum of Hovhannes Tumanyan, Yerevan
2003 Museum of Fine Arts, Vanadzor, Armenia
2002 The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art
(ACCEA), Yerevan, Armenia
1995 Armenian Society for Cultural Relations and Co-operation with Foreign Countries
(AOKS), Yerevan, Armenia