Hasmik Gaspar

Hasmik Gaspar is a leading abstract expressionist artist, best known for her vivid and colorful cityscapes and still lives.

She is a graduate of both the State music conservatiry of Riga, Latvia, as well as the Moscow State University of Arts.

Hasmik Gaspar is a member of both the Union of Artists of Armenia, and the Academy of Arts of the Russian Federation.

Since 1994 she took part in numerous art exhibitions in Armenia, Russia, The Great Britain, Argentina, France, Austria and Germany.

2006 to 2009 she served as the principal designer at the Dramatic Theater afyer A. Jigarkhanyan in Moscow.

Since 2012 she’s a member of the Public Council of Armenia.

Her paintings are kept in private art collections in Armenia, USA, UAE, Austria, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, UK and Russia.