Harout Hakobyan

Harutyun Harutyunyan

Harout Hakobyan is an Armenian prominent artist with international exposure.

Hakobyan holds a degree from the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Art.

In his artistic practice, Hakobyan experiments with numerous techniques and styles. His paintings skillfully blend elements from typically disjunctive fields to create dramatic, captivating works of art. The personal objective of Hakobyan is to make the viewer reflect on the themes explored in the artwork. Certain themes have provided him with long term inspiration consisting of mythology, nature, and religion.

In his pieces, he grasps a subject, together with a fragment of a narrative from his imagination and leaves the rest open to interpretation for the viewer.

Harout Hakobyan has displayed his work across the world including the International Art Expo, New York, a solo exhibition at Le Cent Gallery in Paris and a solo exhibition at the Academia Gallery in Yerevan and the Gala Art Gallery.

His artworks were presented by Gala Art Gallery at the Beirut Art Fair, the Art Dubai expo and at the Contemporary Armenian Art exhibition in Kuwait.