Edgar Grigoryan

Edgar Grigoryan is a renowned sculptor and potter born in 1977 in
Yerevan, Armenia. He studied at the 1995-2001 P. Terlemezyan
Yerevan State Art College. He started to study at Yerevan State
Academy of Fine Arts in 2003 and graduated in 2009 with the Ara
Sarkisyan award for the Best Master’s (MFA) graduation project.
Grigoryan’s works have been exhibited in numerous collective exhi-
bitions since 2007. In 2009, the artist opened his first solo exhibition
titled “Comedy Plus Minus” in Yerevan. The artist held his second
solo exhibition titled “dimension H” in 2021 and his third solo exhibi-
tion “Let the Machine Defeat Us” in 2022.
Believing that art is a dialogue between the artist and the realities of
life, Edgar Girgoryan’s works are introverted. Similarly, Grigoryan
believes that the knowledge of the world begins with the knowledge
of oneself first. We see that the artist often uses found or waste ma-
terials in his sculptures produced with mixed techniques. Grigoryan,
who knows the value of the huge garbage piles created by human-
ity for a good purpose, is discovering new ways to bring his ideas to
life by working with these waste materials.
Being a renowned sculptor he also creates ceramic pottery being
influenced of ancient Armenian culture and ornaments, as well as
our environment and nature. His work addresses the boundaries
between function and decoration, although the aesthetic of a piece
is the key for his making.