Ashon Poghosyan

Ashot Poghosyan was born in 1962 in Yerevan, Armenia.
From 1981 to 1987 he studied at the Yerevan State Academy of
Fine Arts.
In 1991 he earned his master’s degree from the Russian Academy
of Arts and he repeatedly participated in national competitions.
As a result, his monumental sculptures were erected in several
In Yerevan, Armenia – the sculpture of the Armenian historian of
the 5th century M.Khorenatsi
In Moscow, Russia- Two open air park sculptures: Lady with a Dog
and Man playing with a cat.
In Navoi : Composition “Family”.
In his works Ashot uses materials such as granite, marble, agate,
obsidian, wood, tuff, bronze.
In addition to his monumental sculptures, he also creates
miniature or small scaled sculptures, many of which are kept in
private art collections.