Artsrun Asatryan

Born in 1993 in Spitak, Armenia; Artsrun Asatryan is a rising star; an emerging Armenian artist who is known for his contemporary abstract cubism paintings.

He captures things from slightly different points of view. He represents nature, portraits or objects with amazing layers of geometric shapes; breaking the traditional rules and perspectives; something that creates a unique world that is very typical to the artist.

In his cityscapes the artist reduces architectural structure to a geometric form approximating a cube, yet rendering its shading to fragment the image so that it looks both flat and three – dimensional.

Artsrun Asatryan is a graduate of the State Terlemezyan College of Arts. He has been exhibiting his works throughout the nation, becoming one of the most demanded artists by local and international art collectors.

“Light and Life” 2023 – a solo exhibition of Artsrun Asatryan’s works took place at Gala Art Gallery -Yerevan, Armenia.