Armen Adilkhanyan

Armen Adilkhanyan is an accomplished Armenian artist born in 1959 in Yerevan, Armenia. He has been exhibiting in Armenia and internationally for over 25 years.  Adilkhanyan’s paintings are part of private collections in Armenia, Russia, Singapore, UK, America, Japan.

Mr. Adilkhanyan’s artistic practice combines the influences of the ancient artwork from Armenia, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, an understanding of ancient symbols’ and rock carvings philosophy and the incredible beauty of the natural and cultural world.  His paintings comprise a collection of screen printing and metallic leaf, combined onto the canvas with paint and encaustic wax.

Artworks in Museums and Collections: DOW -Switzerland; DOW -Russia; Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia); Museum of Contemporary Art (Yerevan, Armenia); NTW Bridge (Canada, Russia); ERICSSON In.(Sweden) ALTATECH Ac Russia, Switzerland; PARADISE MGN gallery, Russia, USA ARARAT PARK HYATT, Russia; DOW – Art Gallery & private collections, Cape Town, South Africa.