Abel (Karen Kazinyan)

Abel (Karen Kazinyan)

Abel’s paintings generate a movement of thought, a flash of feelings, are merged with the past, sometimes cause unexpected associations and memories, make you think deeper about the present. They delight, surprise, pacify, making art lovers remember something more important and eternal than the our hasty rhythms of life. The master’s works are characterized by the simultaneity of peace and movement, sounding with both music and silence, as well as deep philosophical content.

Abel creates an imaginary beautiful world that sounds real, captivating the hearts of many art lovers and collectors throughout Armenia and the world.

1963 was born in Yerevan, Armenia.
1984 Participated in the international students’ exhibition in Helsinki, Finland.
1986 Graduated from the Yerevan Theatrical Institute.
1994 Member of the IFA (International Federation of Artists under UNSECO)
1998 Member of the International Art Fund.
2003 Member of the Moscow Artist Union.

Selected Exhibitions:

1992 “Carzou” Art Gallery in Aleppo, Syria
1994-95 Exhibition in the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
1996 Gallery DG Fine Arts, New York, USA
1997 “Espo – Ap” Interntional Art Fair, Geneva, Switzerland.
2001 “Art -Manege”, Moscow, Russia
2010 Auction House “ Dorotheum” Vieanna, Austria
2011 Exhibition in “Mir-Art” Gallery, Meglinnaya Plaza, Moscow, Russia.
2017 “M- Art” Gallery Art Fair in Stockholm, Sweden
2019 Russian Cultural Center in Beijing, Exhibition “From Russia with Love” Beijing, China.
2022 “Art-Crossroad” Gallery- International Art Fair, Zurich, Switzerland
2022 “Art-Crossroad” Gallery- Cultural Diversity Exhibition, Lucerne, Switzerlands