Arkadi Petrosyan

Arkadi Petrosyan was born on 23 November 1933 in Sisian District, Armenia.
He has entered the Yerevan Art Collage after P. Terlemezian (class-master – Mkrtich Kamalyan) in 1951 after graduating from the elementary school.
Was in Soviet Army from 1952 till 1955 after which he entered the Yerevan Institute of Arts and Theatre and studied there from 1960 till 1965 in the section of paintings.
1959 – First Prize at the Exhibition devoted to the Armenian composer and poet Sayat Nova.
1959 – First Exhibition of Graphic Arts at Union of Painters of Armenia.
1967 – Illustration of the Armenian national fairy-tale “Hazaran Blbul”. These illustrations were published in “Arvest” (“Art”) magazine.
Since 1970 – Member of Union of Artists of Armenia. Various awards.
1972 – Three illustrations, representing the Armenian national epic hero Sassuntsi David, were showed at the Exhibition devoted to the 50 years of the formation of the USSR. These illustrations were highly grated by the professional society and “Izvestia” Daily.
2003 – First Prize at “Vahagn Hovnanian” Competition.
2003 – Personal exhibition at Union of Artists of Armenia.
Since 1997 – Professor of the Yerevan Art Academy (teaching there since 1970).
2013- Died in Yerevan, Armenia.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 80x60cm