Gala Art Gallery Services Include:
Our staff have many years experience and are able to offer a variety of services to our clients.

Gala Art Brought to You – Yerevan’s Most Exquisite Art Collection for Your Private Party or Special Event
If you are trying to create a great atmosphere to host a holiday party, business meeting, fundraiser or workshop we can help you create a unique and memorable experience with works from Yerevan’s most exquisite art collection. The staff of Gala Art Gallery is professional, warm and friendly and will be glad to provide and set the art for your next event to help you create the best artistic atmosphere at your own home or at any preferred location in Yerevan!

Artwork Consulting and Selection
We help our clients select the perfect works of art for their home, office, hotel or public space. Gala Art Gallery offers complimentary consultation. We make an initial site visit to discuss artwork preferences and budget. We suggest the right pieces that will complement your individual style and taste and also suggest locations for artwork display.

Art Placement and Installation
Gala Art Gallery provides professional art handling and installation services. We strongly believe that art placement is an art in itself and our experts know how to perfectly place your new art. Listening to the desires of the client and keeping in mind the aesthetics of the setting, we can offer our expertise in the acquisition and installation of the perfect artwork for any space.

Art Auctions
Arranging for works to be auctioned under favorable circumstances.

Art Authentication and Certificates of Provenance
Securing certificates of authenticity and provenance, as well as artworks’ export permit.