Hambardzum Begoyan

Born in Gyumri, Armenia in 1961.

Best known for his depiction of animals, specially birds and inventive abstract creatures. He works with mixed media, specially metals and stones. His sculptures are all hand raised and hand hammered , making every single artwork a unique and one of a kind art piece.

As a renowned artist he has a magic like touch in the wide variety of media in which he lays his hands (from bronze and gold to stone and glass).

Begoyan infuses every one of his creations with such life and love and a limitless passion for both, there’s no question, no doubt, not even the slightest apprehension that only someone very much connected to nature and culture could be responsible for such wild, wondrous and beautiful creations.

His works have been widely exhibited in Armenia and are kept by private art collectors and museums; among them the Museum of Gyumri Center of Contemporary Art.

Member of the Artists’ Union of Armenia, Hambardzum Begoyan is the Head of the Departments of Design, Sculpture and Applied Art at the State Academy of Fine Arts (Gyumri branch) since 2011.