Shahe Harutyunyan

Shahe HarutyunyanBorn in Aleppo in 1965, the famous potter moved to Armenia to study at the StateAcademy of Arts.After graduating from the academy, I began creating in Beirut and partici-pated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions there.“In 2013, I moved to Armenia and co-founded Brutshen Pottery Studio.Continuing our beloved work in our homeland was one […]

Edgar Grigoryan

Edgar Grigoryan is a renowned sculptor and potter born in 1977 inYerevan, Armenia. He studied at the 1995-2001 P. TerlemezyanYerevan State Art College. He started to study at Yerevan StateAcademy of Fine Arts in 2003 and graduated in 2009 with the AraSarkisyan award for the Best Master’s (MFA) graduation project.Grigoryan’s works have been exhibited in […]

Mher Evoyan

Mher Evoyan  is an internationally acclaimed Armenian artist born in Armenia in 1979. Best known for his surreal paintings and photo realistic portraits, he shows the personal and cultural undercurrents that animate seemingly ordinary objects. He gives things as shoes, eyeglasses and cards an active presence, that have a story to tell and a life […]

Ashot Baghdasaryan

Ashot Bagdasaryan was born in 1957 in (Yerevan, Armenia) 1976-1981 – Studied at Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg after Ilya Repin (St.Petersburg, Russia). Since 1983 – Member of the USSR Union of Artists Since 1990 – Member of Armenian Artists Centre Since 1991 – Member of the Artists’ Union of Armenia 1985-1994 – Professor of […]

Armen Adilkhanyan

Armen Adilkhanyan is an accomplished Armenian artist born in 1959 in Yerevan, Armenia. He has been exhibiting in Armenia and internationally for over 25 years.  Adilkhanyan’s paintings are part of private collections in Armenia, Russia, Singapore, UK, America, Japan. Mr. Adilkhanyan’s artistic practice combines the influences of the ancient artwork from Armenia, the Middle East, […]

Arkadi Petrosyan (1933 – 2013)

Arkadi Petrosyan ( 1933 – 2013 ) Born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1933, Arkadi Petrosyan was a leading modern master and an influential scholar of Armenian modern art.Recognized as a pioneer of figurative abstraction, Arkadi Petrosyan considered to be the founder of his very unique technique of amazing assemblages of fine lines drawings and oil […]

Abel (Karen Kazinyan)

Abel (Karen Kazinyan) Abel’s paintings generate a movement of thought, a flash of feelings, are merged with the past, sometimes cause unexpected associations and memories, make you think deeper about the present. They delight, surprise, pacify, making art lovers remember something more important and eternal than the our hasty rhythms of life. The master’s works […]