Mushegh Mkhitaryan

A leading artist of contemporary Armenian art, a versatile master, who can create masterpieces of art from any material.
Born in 1959 in Yerevan, Armenia, Mushegh Mkhitaryan was graduated from the State Arts College after P. Terlemezyan, and also from the Ceramics Department of the Technical College of Fine Arts (1983).
He is a member of the Artists’ Union of Armenia and of the UNESCO’s International Federation of Artists.
When viewing the works of Mushegh Mkhitaryan, one involuntarily feels himself directly in contact with nature. sometimes you want to touch his works with your hands to understand how he creates the color and nature of the soil, how he cultivates his collages, how he feels about the sky and the grass, the tree and the bush.
Mushegh is the artist of land, the man of every root, who has as much love for his homeland as he does for the world and the universe.
He is not only a magnificent painter, but a collage artist, a sculptor and a writer. His soul is full of great spirituality, something that makes his art so unique and highly appreciated by even the most passionate art collectors. Read more >

Title: "TWO SIDES"
Medium: METAL
Size: 24x24x24cm