Harout Hakobyan

Time-bending visions, uniting ancient and contemporary worlds, while angels smile.

The metaphysical art of Harout Hakobyan spans periods of time from pre-Renaissance (shown in his sketches after Leonardo da Vinci) to the 21st century. Through his visions, contemporary news-style images are set against ancient structures, while angels, ignoring time, bring their beneficent charms. In these paintings, we discover the eternal and mystical in our midst.

Hakobyan, art editor of the children’s magazine Tsitsernak (Swallow), was born in Leninakan, Armenia, in 1962. A winner of the Diploma Award at P. Terlemezian Fine Arts College, Department of Painting, he went on to internship in the museums and galleries of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and at the Academy of Arts of Vilnius, Lithuania, where he studied lithography and etching. In 1991, he graduated from Yerevan Theatrical and Art Institute, Department of Graphic Arts.

He has had personal exhibitions in Paris, Marseilles, Yerevan and Beirut, and has taken part in group exhibitions in major cities of the United States, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Iran and Lebanon. He is a member of the Cultural Union Momik and the union of Artists of Armenia. Read more >

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 80x60cm