Arsene Chabanian

(1864 – 1949)

1864- He was born in the village Sunints of the Karin (Erzerum) province of Western Armenia. At the same school he got his first painting lessons.
1874- He left for Venice to study at Murad Rafaelian College. At that time the famous painter Antonio Ermolao Paoletti (1834 -1912), a good friend of the Mekhitarist Congregation, was tutor of painting in this well- known college.
1883-He returned in his native town of karin. In 1891 he moved to Batumi for business and worked in a local branch of commercial bank.
In August 1891 he left for Theodosia to meet seascape painter Hovhannes Aivazovski. The genial old painter gave him his benediction and advised to go to the arts capital Paris to improve his painting skill. By the way, this meeting with H.Aivazovski played a decisive role in his definitive professional choice.
In Paris he studied at the atelier of Gustave Moreau, then in the Julien Academy of Arts, attending the classes of prominent painters and tutors Jean-Paul Laurens and Bejamens Costant.
He equally worked in diverse genres: landscape, genre scenes, still-life and portrait. Being still a student, Chabanian was also interested in graphics and created a number of impressing works in the genre of eauforte.
Chabanian stayed in all French provinces for some time: seashore Bretagne, Vendûe, South of France, everywhere studying the magic mystery of his sea and painting numerous seascapes, each better of the other.
1894-First exhibitions at the Salon of French artists.
In 1896 it was exhibited at the Salon held in Paris.
1898-Exhibited some of his famous paintings at the Gallery Georges Petit.
1900- Exhibition of works at the Gallery Geroges Petit.
The same year he participated in the Russian section of the Paris Universal Exhibition with Hovhannes Aivazovski and Gevork Bashinjaghian. He presented the paintings “The Lake” and “Seascape in Moonlight”.
Chabanian became one of the founders of Paris “Association of Seascape Painters”. From time to time, he participated in diverse artistic and literary groups, organized in France or other countries.
1902- Chabanian deserved the title of Officer of the French Academy. Read more >

Title: "RACING"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 60x50cm