Recognized for the scope and quality of collection, Gala Art Gallery has long been a reputable source for art collectors and dealers. The gallery has grown from its first location on Toumanian street to its current location on Byron Street – with a few stops in between.
The unique quality of art represented by the gallery has attracted a prestigious clientele of art connoisseurs. The professional and experienced staff is able to guide the discriminating collector to art that will both compliment their living space and contribute to investment portfolios. Gala Art Gallery has earned the reputation as a knowledgeable and reputable source for fine art lovers and collectors.
The Gallery specializes in original paintings and sculpture by historically significant Armenian artists from the late nineteenth century to the present. In presenting paintings of both modern Armenian Masters and contemporary artists to the art market, Gala Art Gallery is doing much more than providing investment quality art. Founders are dedicated to share the heart and soul of Armenia, its gifted culture and profound history.
Gala Art Gallery represents over 100 nationally and internationally recognized Armenian artists, featuring original paintings, sculpture, jewelry, pottery and carpets.
Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced collector, Gala Art Gallery offers paintings that fit within each collector’s budget and taste.
You will enjoy working with Gala Art Gallery to further your personal knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of investing in fine art.



Gala Art Gallery Founding Directors Avetis Berberyan and Noushik Mikayelian have been in the art business for over 12 years. This family owned and operated gallery that moved to its current location in October 2012, specializes in original paintings and sculptures of modern Armenian masters and contemporary artists.
Being the founding directors of Gala Art Gallery, Avetis Berberyan and Noushik Mikayelian are renowned artists in Armenia.
Avetis Berberyan is a nationally recognized composer who has served as the Director of the Concert -Tour Department of the State Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra ( 1993-2000).
Noushik Mikayelian is a renowned poet, and a wide published author in Armenia
After a lifetime of collecting art for the pure joy of it, Avetis and Noushik have been offering a wide variety of quality art to general public, the corporate community and collectors since 1999.
In addition to organizing exhibitions, they work closely with private collectors building collections, locating works of art and providing art advisory services.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 80x60cm